If you really want a souvenir from a multi-million dollar theme park expansion you haven't been to, eBay has you covered.

According to the Orange County Register, for 94 percent less than the cost of admission to Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, you can buy a paper map of the attraction. Custom metal sporks from Docking Bay 7, re-sold lightsabers and paraphernalia of questionable origin from the Millennium Falcon ride are also selling on the online auction site, like a scene out of Niima Outpost.

The Register's Brady MacDonald reports Disneyland has begun swapping out fantastical utensils for forks of the terrestrial variety, while noting the park did not comment directly on the eBaying of fast-casual restaurant accoutrements.

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Listings for laminated menus from Oga's Cantina and bottles of Coca Cola that could pass for a bounty hunter's thermal detonators abound on eBay, with asks of up to $125.

Most of the items listed are non-durable goods handed out to guests with the low-key expectation they will be returned, but even items purchased at the park are selling for prices far above what guests paid at the counter.

Some Galaxy's Edge special edition lightsaber sets are listed on eBay at two and three hundred dollars above retail. At that rate, some guests just might recoup what they shelled out for tickets in the first place.

Chris Preovolos is a Hearst national photo editor. Email: cmpreovolos@hearst.com