Reebok Nano X Shoes Are a Full $50 Off Today

Remember: You shouldn’t be lifting in running shoes.

Squatting in a pair of cushioned trainers offers barely more balance than just standing atop a pillow. When lifting, we need flat shoes with a hard and wide base, which allow the toes to spread out and flex, and the lower half to summon some strength and stability.

To that end, the Nano X is easily our favorite lifting shoe. Last year’s addition to a decade of CrossFit-inspired sneakers, it’s perfect for compound muscle movements you perform in the gym. And thanks to a flexible upper, it’s also ideal for cross-training pursuits, like jumping rope, sprint repeats and ladder circuits.

Right now, it’s currently a full $50 off at Reebok. That’s likely due to the Reebok Nano X1’s recent release.

But the Nano X is anything but outdated. I’ll be lifting in mine for years. Then I’ll probably turn it into a default walking shoe. It’s that good. Pick up a pair for yourself here.

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