Elevate Your Workout with Jaybird's Discounted Vista Headphones

It comes as no surprise that music helps us perform better during exercise. The latest studies suggest “entrainment” causes our body to synchronize with tempo, allowing us to work harder over short intervals. But what good is listening to music as we sweat if our headphones aren’t up for the challenge? If your buds are struggling to keep pace, snag a pair of Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphones while they’re on sale at Backcountry.

Featuring a waterproof design, the Vista buds are purpose-built for your hardest workouts. Angled tips lock into your ear, staying put through every burpee and Bulgarian split squat, and IPX7 protection resists every drop of sweat. The charging case delivers 16 hours of battery life (and a five-minute charge offers one hour of music), so you’re never stranded without tunes. And each bud operates independently to meet the needs of your workout.

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