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Competing against more than 1,000 gymnasts, the Darien YMCA gymnastics team’s successful season rolled on at the YMCA Northeast Regional Championships in Maine, recently.

The Level 6, 7 and 9 squads won team championships and seven gymnasts captured individual All-Around(AA) titles. 

In addition to winning the team title, the three Darien Level 9 gymnasts swept the AA podium, with Kelsey Fedorko taking first, Gianna Cardini second and Nikki Carlo third.

Fedorko also won the bars, beam and floor titles and placed second on vault. Cardini was the vault champ, third on bars and beam and second on floor while Carlo took third on vault, second on beam and third on floor. 

The Level 7 team prevailed in a very tight team competition. Leading the squad was Saskia Chermayeff, who tied for the top AA score for all levels at the meet with 37.95.

In addition to first AA in the 12 years age group, she placed second on vault, third on beam and floor and tied teammate Tori Ware for first on bars.

Ware also took the beam title with 9.5 and was second on floor and AA. Isabella DeStefano earned fourth on beam and third on vault, bars and AA. Leilani Nguyen scored 9.525 to take the vault title where Caterina Pye earned fifth. Kate Wolters swung to fourth on bars. 

In the 9-11 group, Sofia DeStefano earned second on vault and bars and third on floor and AA.

Sofia Fea placed fourth on vault, second on beam and fifth AA in the 15 and up group. 

The champion Level 6 team was paced by Abigail Nevin, who captured the bars, beam, floor and AA titles with 37.525 in the 9-11 age group.

Anna Moss was the vault champ and placed third on bars, fifth on beam and second AA. Melina Cardini soared to second on vault and third on floor. 

In the 12s group, Sofia Iuteri was the champ on beam, floor and AA with 37.1, placed fifth on vault and tied for third on bars with teammate Olivia Perkins. Perkins was also fifth on beam and second on all other events and AA.

Megan Mitchell earned seventh on beam and sixth on floor. Emma Kelly swung to fifth on bars while Nima Rahbar was seventh on floor. 

Lucy Collins captured second on bars, third on beam, floor and AA and tied with teammate Emma Neaderland for sixth on vault in the 13s group. Neaderland was also fourth on floor.

Kerry McDermott took third on both vault and beam in the 14 and up group. 

The Level 5 team took second in the team competition out of 22 teams.

In the 8-10 age group, Anna Altier placed second on beam and AA, third on floor and fourth on bars.

Lauren Smith earned fifth on both beam and floor. 

Abby O’Brien captured second on vault, floor and AA in the 11s group plus third on bars and fourth on beam.

Anna Primmer placed seventh on beam and was fourth on vault where Iris West was seventh.

Sofia Imbrogno vaulted to fifth in the 12s group.

In the 13 and up group, Melanie Vernal took seventh on both bars and vault where Maggie Russell earned sixth. 

Tanner Generoso led the third place Level 4 team, topping the podium on vault and AA in the 11A group with 36.35 and placing third on beam and second on bars and floor.

Emily McKee vaulted to third in the 6-8 group while in the 9s group, Ellie Davies was the beam champ with 9.4 as well as third on bars and second on floor and AA. 

Ava Licata took second on vault, third on bars, fourth on beam and fifth on floor and AA in the 10A group.

Penelope Arredondo swung to fourth on bars while Lindy Mueller took seventh on vault and sixth on beam. In the 10B group, Sophia Geffner was steady for third on beam and seventh on bars, fifth on floor and sixth AA.

Sydney Berk scored third on both vault and beam. 

Brianna Barrientos captured the vault and floor titles in the 12A group and was third on beam and AA.

Carly Camberari was solid for second on beam and seventh on vault. Doris Winter took second on vault, bars and AA in the 13 and up group.

Also contributing to the Level 4 team’s success were Elsa Del Bene, Alannah Morris and Kira McCreesh. 

The second place Level 3 squad was paced by Emily Rizzi in the 8A group, who won the bars and AA titles with 37.625 and placed second on all other events.

Olivia Davis was the champ on beam and floor with 9.7 and 9.575, placed fifth on vault, fourth on bars and second AA.

In the 8B group, Alyana Garcia was champ on vault and AA with 36.575, placed fourth on bars and second on beam and floor. 

Kayla Koproski led the youngest Darien competitors in the 6-7 years group, taking first on beam and floor, third on bars and second on vault and AA.  Taylor Davies flipped to fourth on floor. 

In the 9A group, Katie Primmer placed second on vault, sixth on beam and seventh on floor and AA. Tatum Jaroch swung to seventh on bars in the 9B group.

In 9C, Regan Famigletti topped the podium on vault and floor with 9.475 and 9.6 and was fifth on beam and AA. 

Isabella Koproski tumbled to the floor title in the 10B group and placed third on vault, fourth on beam and second AA while Jordan Moss vaulted to second. 

Also contributing to the Level 3 team’s success were Penelope Hahn and Madeleine McGivney. 

The team will complete the season at the YMCA National Championships in Savannah in June.