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The Darien U13 boys' team won the CT Cup in Simsbury recently, making it the first time that a boys' team from Darien has held the title.

Darien came out strong against the extremely tough East Hartford competition.

The first 20 minutes of the game was dominated by Darien with the midfield of Anson Sikora, Owen Comey and Kai Sparks holding the East Hartford Hornets in their defensive zone.

Applying pressure, Axel Tabaschek, James Kennedy and Matthew Kennedy each had strong opportunities on net with the ball just skimming the outside and upward posts.

In the 17th minute of the game, Darien was awarded a penalty kick due to a hand ball in the box as a Hornet player tried to defend the Darien corner kick.

Anson Sikora bulleted the ball into the lower left hand corner of the net to give Darien a one goal lead.

The Darien defense lead by Kyle Baiera, Sebastian Raz-Guzman, Caleb Seiden and Brenton Dolan came alive in the second half and played outstandingly, holding off a pressing East Hartford team.

Tommy Branca defended the net with several big saves keeping Darien’s clean sheet.

Scrappy tough defensive play continued to be shown by James Collins, Jack Peattie, Matthew Mancini, Charlie Kroll and Kalev Viirand as they helped ward off the Hornet advances.

Offensively Monty Hahn, Mitch Davis and Lee Krotee pressured the Hornet defense, drawing fouls and numerous scoring opportunities leaving the Hornets scoreless after 70 minutes.

In Simsbury, both the Girls U15 blue team and the Boys U13 blue team represented Darien in the finals of the CT CUP.

The CT Cup is a statewide tournament held every fall where youth teams from all soccer organizations compete.

This is the second time in the history of the DSA that a boys team or a girls team has made it this far.

It has been 23 years since a boys team has made it the finals of the CT Cup.

The last and only other appearance from a girls team was in 2007 under coach Jon Bradley.

The U15 girls went into the finals undefeated in league play and as the Champions of the FAST tournament, while the U13 Boys team emerged from a pool of 46 teams all across Conn. winning all games in regulation play.