Wizardly Wisinski scores winner on her knees


Drama in the first 10 minutes proved to be the final curtain at Greenwich.

And it was curtains, for the Cardinals' undefeated streak, in Darien’s 1-0 victory on Wednesday.

Yeah, I dove for it. I’ve got little turf marks, but it’s OK. It was worth it.

— Kendall Wisinski

Kendall Wisinski’s diving stab at the goal line early in the first half not only put the ball into the back of the net with the goal that stood up all game, but it kept the Wave’s mega-shutout streak alive.

Bridget Mahoney, she stole it at the 50 and took it down to the 20 and sent it in to Molly Hellman,” Wisinski said of the wind up to the lone goal of the game.

Hellman centered it past the goaltender on the right side, with one hot ball rolling across down low.

“It was so close to the goal,” said Wisinski. “I was just like, I can’t have this not go in.”

What could she do?

“I just laid out for it,” Wisinski said.

It went into the left corner.

“Yeah, I dove for it,” she added, “I’ve got little turf marks, but it’s OK. It was worth it.”

The Wave’s got the highest marks in the league.

Darien’s shut out every opponent, climbing to 7-0-1 overall, 7-0 FCIAC to take over first place in the league.

The Cardinals dip to 6-1.

Erica Blaze made five saves and held tight for the shutout in the face of a slew of corners, as the Darien defense from midfield in kept a lid on it, with most of the game played in that quadrant of the field.

“So, we were the (top) two undefeated teams in the FCIAC,” Wisinski said. “But, I think they really came out strong. They had some really good stick skills; some really good big hits."

Norwalk (5-0) is the only other undefeated team left in the league.

“And our stick skills were not on par today," Wisinski added. "But we cleaned that up with our passing, with our hustle. We just had so much heart today. I think that’s how we came out with the win.”

Diving drama was witnessed at both ends of the field. KiKi Tropsa gets a 10.0 for her defensive version, saving a goal-against in the one-goal game.

“It was almost going over the line,” Tropsa said. “It was scary; coming really fast.”

Tropsa tapped it away where she lay.

“Our defense stepped up,” she said of the shutout. “It was really good. Lindsey Wallach, Hannah Riegel and Kerry Blatney, they all played amazing. Hannah Riegel stepped up huge in the middle and Bridget Mahoney also dropped back on D a lot.”

Mahoney and Katie Elders rode shotgun on the midfield, with one low and the other high.

“And they mesh really well together,” Tropsa added. “They always see each other and they’re able to pick off many passes in the middle, which is really helpful.”

Sally Cassidy worked the ball out of the midfield and in on the attack consistently.

And for only one girl Mahoney seemed to be everywhere, all at once.