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It’s 41 wins in a row, and where it stops nobody knows, with the Wave’s 19-3 win over Staples at Westport on Tuesday.

Darien had 14 players contribute to the scoring totals and had a suffocating defense led by All American goalie Ryan Cornell and his defensive core of Arden Cohen, Quinn Fay, Jake Bieler, Nick Percarpio, Matt Gould and Andrew Darby.

The scoring leaders were Matt Meyjes (3-2), Kevin Lindley (4-0), Finlay Collins (2-2), Logan McGovern (1-3), Riley Stewart (1-2), Brian Minicus (2-0) and Blake Sommi (2-0).

The Wave improves to 10-0 (7-0 FCIAC), while Staples goes to 6-5.


Darien   6-5-5-3 = 19

Staples  0-3-0-0 =  3

Darien Scoring:

Matt Meyjes  3-2

Kevin Lindley  4-0

Finlay Collins 2-2

Logan McGovern 1-3

Riley Stewart 1-2

Brian Minicus 2-0

Blake Sommi  2-0

Peter Hartigan 1-0

Jack Joyce  1-0

Ethan Dewbrey 1-0

Tommy Hellman  1-0

Tanner Strub 0-1

Ryan Darby 0-1

Henri Pfeifle  0-1

Staples Scoring:

Matt Bidgood  2-0

Evan Zinn  1-1

Max Lonergan 0-1

Darien Goalie Saves:

Ryan Cornell 7

Sean Collins  1

will Culliton  1-0

Staples Goalie Saves:

Matt Garber  6

Darien prepares for its biggest game of the season as it travels to Long Island on Thursday night to take on rival and nationally ranked St. Anthony's in its final out-of-state challenge of 2017.