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People, were talking.

Because there was a rumor going around after Darien’s 4-0 win over Norwalk.

“Mo said we’ve never played better field hockey,” said KiKi Tropsa, one of four scorers in the Wave’s FCIAC semis victory at Casagrande Field on Monday.

And of course, the rumor wasn't a rumor at all. It was real.

“I thought it was one of the best games we’ve ever played,” Wave coach Mo Minicus confirmed as the third seeded girls piled onto the bus, a finals date ahead of them vs. No. 5 Wilton 7pm back at Casagrande in Norwalk on Thursday. “So hopefully, there’s more to come.”

Kendall’s goal was beautiful.

— Mo Minicus

Wilton beat top seed Greenwich 3-2 in a short overtime in the earlier semis match.

Best game for the Wave? No one needed to tell the Bears. Norwalk knew it from the start.

And Kendall Wisinski’s air drop from the right side from 15 yards that sailed over the goalie’s head to the far corner could qualify for, the best goal, of the year.

“Kendall’s goal was beautiful,” Minicus said. “She was poised and in the moment. She made the right choice with that shot. And it put us on the board and in a game like this it’s important to be on the board first.”

Tropsa inserted on a corner to Sally Cassidy and Cassidy rolled it over on the right to Wisinski and she let fly for the goal with 21:05 still to go in the opening half.

Wisinski needed to be aided from the field in the second half after hurting her leg. The extent of the injury was not known after the game, but Tropsa said it was a pulled hamstring.

It was a night when every goal was a beauty.

Tropsa quickly followed on for 2-0 in the first half scoring from the doorstep.

It was a Goldilocks Goal with Tropsa in just the right place at just the right time with, just the right, touch.

The Wave tick-tack-toed down the field, with Cassidy starting the play at center, feeding ahead on right to Shea van den Broek.

Van den Broek passed along the right sideline to Wisinski and she dropped it to her left to Katie Elders on the fly.

Elders made a short pass to Sydney Schrenker who made a shift in front and beat the committed goalie a giant step out of her cage.

The ball found Tropsa standing about where the goalie should have been, and in it went with 13:20 on the clock in the first half.

“Mine was basically Sydney’s shot,” said Tropsa. “And I just tipped it in and finished it.”

In the second half Molly Hellman’s precision roller to the far side to finish a quick rush in on the left found the cage on a thread-the-needle. She said it was a pass. But Hellman passed it right into the net.

Schrenker passed it to Hellman to spring her on the break.

And Schrenker made the whole proceedings past tense, finishing it with 2:20 to go with a break from center, dangling as she crossed the front of the net to her left and tucking it into the gaping cage.

Bridget Mahoney took a look and made one good-looker of a pass up the middle to set her off.

Erica Blaze (10 saves) came out of the net to make a few sprawling saves, winning on each gamble to chalk up a well crafted shutout.

The Bears pumped it up in the last five minutes looking to break the egg, but Blaze broke the attack with a series of stand-up stops.

The Wave withstood a rash of Norwalk corners in double-figures in the second half with Blaze the kingpin that would not fall and Elders scattering the Bears like tenpins.

“We were trying to improve our defensive unit, as a team,” Minicus said. “And I thought we brought that today.”

A video shot from the trenches with goals and saves and ladies' takes is posted on this site