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The Wave honored Senior Day with a 22-2 win over Stamford to close out the regular season at Darien on Tuesday.

Class of 2017 honorees included captains Jake Bieler, Finlay Collins, Ryan Cornell and Riley Stewart, along with Ryan Quinn, Arden Cohen, Kevin Lindley, Matt Meyjes, Quinn Fay, Peter Hartigan, Charlie Christensen, James Solberg, Jack Beatty, Josh Stevenson and Nick Percarpio.

The Wave clinches the Eastern Division title with scoring from 16 players.

All Darien goalies and defensemen made a showing.

Jack Beatty and Matt Freeman went 19-for-28 on face-offs.

The Wave starts the playoffs as top seed at home 2pm on Saturday.


Darien      7-9-4-2 = 22

Stamford  1-0-0-1 = 2

Darien  16-0  (11-0 FCIAC)

Darien Scoring:

Kevin Lindley  5-1

Peter Hartigan  3-2

Logan McGovern  2-3

Henri Pfeifle  3-1

Riley Stewart  1-3

Ryan Darby  1-1

Charlie Walsh 1-1

Ryan Cornell 1-0

Jack Beatty  1-0

Hudson Pokorny 1-0

Ethan Dewbrey  1-0

Tommy Hellman  1-0

Matt Freeman  0-1

Jack Joyce  0-1

Arden Cohen 0-1

Stamford Scoring:

Scott Moreau  1-0

Krantz Medeus  1-0

Darien Goalie Saves:

Ryan Cornell  5

Sean Collins   4

Will Culliton   3

Stamford Goalie Saves:

Mikey Riddle   18