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Darien fell behind early, then nearly, crawled its way all the way back in a 10-8 loss to visiting Ridgewood, N.J. on Saturday.

The Wave (2-1) was out to a very loud bang to begin the season, scoring 20 goals in each of its first two games, allowing only nine, but found a stingy competitor in Ridgewood.

Darien was down 7-5 at the half and hovered behind with the two-goal deficit most of the way.

“We prepared very hard, but I think when we stepped on the field we made some mental errors that put us behind,” said Darien captain Emma Lesko. “I think we played well but Ridgewood was impressive."

Time to move on with lots on the plate so early in the season.

"We are putting this game behind us," said Lesko. "And we are more than ready for our competition this week."