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Katie Ramsay had a start like maybe no other before her. Because she finished up a scoring storm.

It’s been a good development. It’s been a good highlight to see her come out and score five goals.

— Leigh Parsons

Ramsay’s five goals in Darien’s 6-0 victory at home last week were legit.

“Greenwich are always a strong team and a good program,” said Parsons of the Wave’s opponent in the opener. “So for your first game of the season, it’s a good test.”

Senior Lauren Larizza also twitched the twine in Darien’s half-dozen-goal outburst.

So give Ramsay and the Wave (3-0) an A for a foreshadowing of what could be an A-plus season of 2017.

“It was good for the girls confidence,” Parsons said. “We played some very good soccer as well as just winning.”

But how good was Ramsay?

“The whole team played very, very well,” Parsons said. “But when you score five goals in a game, it’s a big thing.”

Ramsay has been a starter since freshman year, and held plenty of promise on the pitch, increasingly with every year.

Yet, she’s never looked more promising than now.

“She’s coming into her senior year, we know of how good a player she can be and has been for us for her four-years of her varsity career.

“It’s been a good development. It’s been a good highlight to see her come out and score five goals.”

Ramsay’s promise is Darien’s threat, as a whole.

Before the first kick, the Wave was known for a rear guard capable of stopping the lot.

Now the Wave has a hint like a scream into both ears that it’s got it going on up front as well.

In between standout senior goalie Christine Fiore, who had the shutout in the opener, and in game two's 1-0 victory over Trumbull, and Ramsay kicking various shades of hades out of the net at the other end, Darien’s entire crew seems on the rise.

“She did score the five goals, but the rest of the team (looked good) in helping her to get those five goals,” Parsons said. “Ellen Harnisch set up a couple of her goals very well.”

And that’s another aspect of the emergent Wave offense. Harnisch can hit the net herself, plus, spark others to do so.

“The way they compliment each other has been a really good sign for us,” added Parsons. “But Katie, it really looks like she’s up for her senior year. And really ready to lead from the front.”

Darien’s had the defense, but in a league, and sport, where scoring is a chore, maybe this season the missing piece to the puzzle is being put into place?

“It’s great to have a person up front who can score, sometimes it’s one of the hard things to do,” Parsons said. “She’s got a good dynamic to her game. She’s fast, she’s strong, she’s tall. She’s skillful. She’s very good at bringing other players into the game.

“Hopefully may it long continue into the season.”

The blowout beginning of the season saw half a dozen goals soar into the net, and an equal number of girls come in off the bench to contribute.

“The level didn’t drop,” said Parson.

Another story is Darien’s solidifying midfield, around Nathalie Bravo, Eilanna Dolan, Onora Brown, Lauren Sulger.

“There were just a lot of positives all throughout the team,” Parsons said.