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Coupled with his lax acumen, Kevin Lindley’s entire upbringing seems to have led towards his becoming Darien’s all-time leading scorer.

I think to (call) him (only) an off-ball player is unjust. I think that he is more than that.

— Case Matheis

“Their whole family bleeds Darien Lacrosse, obviously with Lisa (Lindley) the coach of the (Blue Wave) girls’ team,” said Case Matheis (DHS 2012, Duke ’16). “She coached my little sister (Mariah DHS 2015, Georgetown 2019), and then Peter (Lindley, DHS 2014, UMass/Roanoke ’18) played attack with me my senior year.”

“Kevin has a great work ethic,” said Lisa Lindley. “I have always been honest with him and he chose to work on the things he needed to. He spent many hours in the weight room and many days after practice doing wall ball. He set lofty goals for himself and went for it.”

His dad, Pete Lindley, captained the baseball team at Yale.

But, the extended, Wave family — with Matheis up until late last season the reigning big daddy of Darien scorers — also played a part.

“And Kevin, over the past year-and-a-half, I started working with him,” Matheis said. “To give him tips for high school, but also to (help) start to get him ready for college.”

He’s as ready as he’ll ever be, taking the field at Loyola as 2017 CT Player of the Year; Wave all-time top goal scorer with 219; all-time season high-scorer with 106 goals, and with 134 points, last spring.

“So it’s pretty cool to see someone that you’ve taught before, breaking your record,” Matheis said. “And now to see how he developed and where he is going to take it, is pretty cool. I’ve never seen anything like that come to fruition before.”

Lindley eclipsed Matheis’s record of 199 career goals, 122 points in a season; and Charley Howe’s 73 goals in a season.

“It is nice to go out with a bang in my senior year, it’s a dream come true,” Lindley said. “I mean, I work off-ball, but, it’s all the players who hit me that get me the goals. So, credit’s to them.”

“I would say, his forte, is being an off-ball player, and having the hands that he has; Peter was the same way,” said Matheis.

“Kevin always looked up to Peter and his ability,” said Lisa Lindley. “Peter has always helped and encouraged Kevin. He's proud of Kevin.”

“From working with him, I think he’s a very athletic player, very capable of creating his own shots,” said Matheis. “So, I think to (call) him (only) an off-ball player is unjust. I think that he is more than that.”

Lindley made All-American, First Team All-State and First Team All-FCIAC last senior season.

“We couldn't be prouder of him for what he has accomplished, but more importantly for being a good person and teammate,” Lisa Lindley added.

“When he was three he came to practices and games to hang out with the girls on my team. Then as he got older he came to practices to shoot on goalies; he and Caylee (Waters) had a special bond.”

“It’s my childhood,” added Lindley, “I’ll never forget it.”