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Kateri Martin completes her time leaving no other Waves in her wake.

Winning back-to-back state individual titles and named CT Player of the Year twice, with runner-up and final four appearance at states; leading Darien to FCIAC titles the past two years, put her in a unique place all-time on the Darien High court.

Martin’s high school high water mark though, comes with a distinction rarer than a state title itself.

She begins preparing for Loyola, where she will start a scholastic career all over again in the fall, Connecticut’s only recipient of the National High School Tennis All-American Award.

“It is a well deserved honor for what I would argue is one of the most outstanding high school tennis careers ever,” said Darien coach Anne-Lise Brown.

“It's definitely an honor to be named All-American as there's such a competitive field of athletes,” Martin said. “Ive had a great time on the team the last four spring seasons, but along with that I've had to juggle maintaining my USTA ranking throughout the year, so the competition and traveling was ongoing.”

The  National High School Tennis All-American Foundation (NHSTAAF) committee selects only 40 of the top girls and boys across the country.

To be recognized as All-American a student/athlete must maintain an above average academic record, compete on a high school tennis team, and be highly ranked in the USTA juniors.

Martin’s all that. She’s All-American.

“My parents and coaches kept me levelheaded through it all,” said Martin. “The NHSTAAF understands that dual role of the athlete involved in high school and in USTA, and I couldn't be happier to receive the honor.”