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Updated 9:15pm — Hailey King turned the ball into her own Hailey's Comet.

She homered, had three hits, belted in two runs and scored two in Darien’s 5-1 win over Wilton at home on Tuesday.

"It took us a little while to get started today," said Darien coach Nick DeMaio.

The Wave improves to 11-2 overall, 9-0 FCIAC as the league's top and only undefeated team.

"Today’s game was a bit different from yesterday, but started to feel like it towards the end," said Darien senior captain Cassidy Schiff. "We were definitely hitting the ball all game, but their defense made the plays. The wind was also a factor — I’m pretty sure it stole a home run or two from us."

Sophia Barbour struck out seven and walked four for the win as Darien had its 11th win in a row.

The Warriors managed four hits.

"The defense has been good," said DeMaio. "The hitting stars change a little bit each day, and Sophie is really putting it out on the mound."

Darien had another big bash at bat with 13 hits in all. The Wave had no errors.

Wilton went ahead 1-0 in the top of the third inning and Darien had three in the fifth and two in the sixth to finish it out with several bangs.

First baseman Keilani Caruso had two hits, an RBI and scored one run, catcher Caroline Krueger had two hits, Schiff two hits and one run scored, Kristen Picard two hits, Stefani Gentile one hit and one run scored, Barbour one hit and two runs batted in.

Darien's defense was no easy barrier for the Warriors to break through.

"Rosali Pirone had a nice catch ranging back in right field," Schiff said. "Sophia was definitely on her game which was great to see after she pitched a full game yesterday."

Pirone, a freshman, had the wind rob her of a homer.

"She hit a home run today, that the wind held up," said DeMaio. "And the girl actually put her glove on the other side of the fence and caught it. That was a home run took away from her. It would have gone way over the fence if we didn't have that strong wind."

Jess Carlo and Schiff made solid plays in the infield.

"It was definitely a game that required mental toughness," added Schiff. "Because it seemed at first like all the little bounces weren’t going our way."

Kate Shouvlin had the loss on the mound, striking out three and walking one.

Wilton had one error.

"Every win is big now," said DeMaio.