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Ellen Harnisch struck early and the Wave held firm in a 1-0 victory over Trumbull at home on Tuesday.

The highlight of it for me was really seeing how the girls dug deep and really ground out a win.

— Leigh Parsons

Darien blasts out to a 2-0 start on the season as senior Christine Fiore has her second shutout in a row.

“It was a really good performance,” said Wave coach Leigh Parsons. “They’re a good team so we had to soak up some pressure and kind of weather the storm, so to speak.”

Fiore, Onora Brown, Katie Ramsay and Harnisch spoke with their feet in combining for the goal in the first 10 minutes.

Fiore scooped a lukewarm shot, and the ball turned into a building sphere of fire, as she passed it on up to Brown.

Brown quickly got it to Ramsay rushing down the right side at midfield.

“Katie kind of took on a player and rolled it across to Ellen,” said Parsons. “Ellen took a really good first touch and just slotted it away.”

The Eagles attacked in the last third of the first half and Darien repelled the blows, then came out back on the attack in the second half.

“We had some good opportunities,” said Parsons. “We could have scored four goals (in the game).”

The back five are flawless through two. And the back five are, Fiore (three saves), Emily DeNunzio, Anna Fox, Eva Finn, Emily Bergwall.

“Emily DeNunzio and Anna Fox have been so strong in the middle so far and are a big part in organizing the rest of the team,” Fiore said. “Eva Finn and Emily Bergwall have really proved themselves this season on the wings and have meshed really well in the back with DeNunzio and Fox.”

“They’re doing really well back there,” said Parsons. “It’s new for some of them, but they’re all good soccer players.”

Nathalie Bravo had a couple of good bids and hit the cross bar, Harnisch hit the beam too, as did Ramsay once.

Ramsay is coming off a five-goal opening game on Friday. See more on her in a special feature in the print edition on Thursday.

“Two games and we have seven goals and zero against,” said Parsons. “So it’s a good start. The highlight of it for me was really seeing how the girls dug deep and really ground out a win.”