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Early on, Wilton gave Darien a glimpse into the abyss. Or, as close a peek into the abyss as Wave Ball is likely to ever want to see.

But, it turned out to be more of a nearsighted squint, because, with a second straight shutout, instead, the Wave gave the visitors a real good look at why it’s the top team in the state in a 27-0 victory over the Warriors at home on Friday.

Darien improves to 8-0.

The Warriors are 4-4.

“We’re playing an offense that we don’t defend often, and we made a couple of adjustments to oversets that they had," said Darien coach Rob Trifone. "And we just wanted to come out and play hard.”

Still, a relentless and stubborn Wilton defense kept it scoreless for a relative eternity, with Nick Green at last getting Darien rolling into the end zone late in the first half.

But it was not Green's last, who followed up his four-touchdown effort at Trumbull last week with two on this occasion, one in the air to cap the win.

Brian Minicus snatched the Wilton QB’s fumble and got the ball to the three yard line.

Then Green ran the three, jumping more than that distance over a tackle to make the end zone.

And with seconds to go in the half Darien went ahead 13-0 on Jack Joyce’s 10-yard pass, to Tyler Herget.

Wilton suffered its initial reverses on turnovers. And that's when the Wave turned the knife. It was all Wave the rest of the way.

Darien’s first drive of the second half was, frustrated, with Wilton stalling the Wave after Minicus and Joyce roared ahead on rushes before the Wave got stuck in the mud of the sticky Wilton defense, which did give it its best shot.

In the third quarter Joyce threw 25 yards to Minicus and the Wave got into scoring position with a late hit flag on the Warriors for first and 10 on the 12.

But it was no dice on the drive.

And Austin Hagander, who had three PAT on the evening, missed on the field goal after Darien went incomplete on two tosses into the end zone.

Darien was soon back in the chips though.

Joyce found Minicus for a first and goal on a 10 yard pass.

Another rush, and from the one Pryor bulled inside the pack of blockers for 20-0 with 7:49 to go in the game.

Hagander’s kick was blocked.

Darien was not through, making up for lost time in the opening stanza.

Pryor ran up the middle for 20 yards to get to the three, then Joyce passed to the right side to, who else, Green to make it 26-0.

Hagander put it over for the PAT.

“Give a lot of credit to Wilton,” Trifone said. “They played well tonight.”

And even if the Wave did not play its ultimate best for the entire game, it still played well enough, to skip over any thoughts of tripping into an abyss of a halted grand winning streak, now reaching 33 straight.