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Who was, that masked girl?

Shelton knows it was Darien’s Onora Brown, saving the day in the final reel of the Class LL second round showdown, as Darien won it 2-1 at home on Thursday.

“At the beginning of the game she was like, ‘guys, I’m going to score,’” said Darien goalkeeper, senior captain Christine Fiore (seven saves). “And I was like, yeah you are, Onora… And she did."

Brown's been battered, but she’s back.

A set-piece set off by Nathalie Bravo saw the ball bounce off a player before Brown seized the opportunity and put it away.

Brown received a mask to wear over her damaged nose only just before the game.

She had missed games with a concussion, came back, then was clubbed across the nose with an elbow at St. Joseph to close the regular season, needing stitches to close the wound.

She missed the FCIAC playoffs, but was on target in her first game back.

As was senior captain Katie Ramsay. She's had two essential goals, one in each state playoffs victory.

Bravo sent a ball over the top and Ramsay charged in and popped the ball over the top of the keeper to put the Wave up 1-0 just over halfway through the first half.

Shelton tied it later in the first half.

“I definitely think that overall we were a much stronger team than them,” said Fiore. “But we just didn’t show it at times. That’s when we broke down a little bit and let that goal go in.”

Number eight seed Darien (13-2-3) plays at No. 1 Suffield (17-0) 2pm Saturday in the quarterfinals.

Ninth seed Shelton is out at 11-4-2.

“But the reaction coming back into the second half — it being tied for the first half, which just shouldn’t have happened — was amazing,” Fiore said. “We came out the first 10 minutes and scored that sick goal.

“We could have won (by more). But a win’s a win."