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Freshman Kate Bellissimo was fearsome and junior Ellen Harnisch twice finished in Darien’s 2-0 win at Wilton on Thursday.

And Christine Fiore had the Wave’s seventh shutout in a flying season where she’s only seen one goal pass her by, as Darien improves to 7-1.

Emily Bergwall has been playing unbelievable at (the) back.

— Leigh Parsons

Wilton goes to 3-4.

“Kate has stepped up and earned her spot,” Fiore said of the ninth grader, whose impact at her age is not the usual way of the world in FCIAC sports. “She came out during the Danbury game on fire and was so scrappy against Wilton today.”

The Wave drove through midfield, lost the ball in the Wilton end. But Bellissimo was on them like gangbusters before the Warriors knew which end was up.

“(She) applied a lot of pressure to their back four,” said Darien coach Leigh Parsons. “Ellen kind of snuck in and got it off them and went to goal.”

Harnisch put it by the keeper one-on-one, kicking it between her feet into the lower left hand side for 1-0 in the first half.

She made it 2-0 before the half was out.

It got played wide left to where Lauren Sulger was patrolling and she put it back across into the box.

“And again Kate Bellissimo put them under pressure, causing them to turn the ball over,” said Parsons. “And Ellen came running in back post.”

She scored off a half-volley, low to the keeper’s right.

“We’re doing pretty well,” said Parsons. “We’ve won seven and only allowed one goal.”

Darien is in the top three in the FCIAC with Staples and St. Joseph.

“Fiore made a few good saves, nothing really troubled her too much,” said Parsons. “(Wilton) did step it up in the last 20 minutes and they did put us under some pressure, which you would expect. But we handled it very well.”

All Star Emily DeNunzio and Anna Fox were solid in the shutout with their defensive play. And same as all season, they had high class company.

Emily Bergwall has been playing unbelievable at (the) back,” Parsons said. “Olivia Yoo played real well there today.”

Fiore’s had a minor, but painful sounding knee ailment, that’s made her extra happy to have an excellent defense in front of her.

“So my back line worked extra hard today to make sure that not much got back to me,” she said. “Today Emily DeNunzio, Anna Fox, Olivia Yoo, and Emily Bergwall saved me a bunch of times.”