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Kendall Wisinski led classmates in a revolving procession onto the field, and to the scoring table, on Senior Day 2017.

Wisinski had a hat trick and the dozen Wave twelfth graders shared a crown in a 6-0 win over Westhill at Darien on Thursday.

“Every senior played,” said Darien coach Mo Minicus. “I have 12 seniors. And I just had one senior on the sideline (at any one time) with all of them rotating in.”

The Wave’s allowed one goal all season with senior Erica Blaze in net, and scored over 50.

As only undefeated team in the league, Darien (9-0-1 overall, 9-0 FCIAC) is in first place in the FCIAC with 18 points, ahead of Staples (8-1, 16 points) and Greenwich (7-1, 14 points).

Darien had the underclassmen play the first 15 minutes of the second half.

“Seniors played all of the first half, then the last 20 minutes of the second half,” Minicus said.

Wisinski was in on all goals in the 5-0 opening half, setting up a pair.

Seniors scored.

KiKi Tropsa had a goal and an assist, Sally Cassidy scored, Sydney Schrenker scored and had an assist, and Lyndsey Wallach had a goal and an assist.

Blaze had the shutout with junior Grace Aronsohn spelling her for 10 minutes to start the second half.

In keeping the Vikings (1-7) to no offensive bids, Minicus noted first rate midfield play from Elizabeth Jennings, Hannah Riegel, Emily Neuner.

Megan Smith was on target as striker on corners.

Jennings and Dutch exchange student Issa Nuissi helped to wind up the offensive pressure as well.

“They were just great,” Minicus said. “It was just such a packed circle.”

Seniors ’17

Kendall Wisinski

KiKi Tropsa

Sydney Schrenker

Erica Blaze

Sally Cassidy

Hannah Riegel

Emily Neuner

Kerry Blatney

Megan Smith

Lindsey Wallach

Elizabeth Jennings

and from afar...Isa Nuissi