Cohesive D shoots Darien towards the top


Three weeks into the season and Darien is tied for first in the league.

Its scoring is one reason for the shotgun start. The Wave’s shooting's never been more on target.

Another reason, its defense. Through six games it’s been near perfect. Goalie Christine Fiore’s shut them out one after the next, letting in only one goal.

She’s made the essential stops and managed the goal to perfection, with the defense in front of her keeping the stops she needs to make at a minimum.

Darien is 5-1 and with 15 points is in a three-way tie for the FCIAC lead.

Emily DeNunzio and Anna Fox have been so strong in the middle so far and are a big part in organizing the rest of the team,” Fiore said. “Eva Finn and Emily Bergwall have really proved themselves this season on the wings and have meshed really well in the back with DeNunzio and Fox.”

“They’re doing really well back there,” said Darien coach Leigh Parsons. “It’s new for some of them, but they’re all good soccer players.”

“All around I think the defense has really great trust in each other,” said injured defender and sidelines captain Charlotte Harmon, who has been a stalwart on the backline the past three seasons. “And that’s super important, because I think all of them are really confident now after a few games and they can count on each other to do what they need to do.”

It’s a cohesive D.

“They always have each other’s backs,” Harmon said. “Even if someone on the outside has trouble with someone who’s dribbling right by them, then I know either Anna Fox or Emily DeNunzio in the middle will be able to pick them up and get the ball out of there.”

When they don’t, Fiore gets the ball.

“Chrissie has been doing a great job,” Harmon said. “She’s been using her feet even more than her hands in some cases. And she is really close with the defense.

“So I think the communication, the trust — and just — they are really honest with each other.”

DeNunzio’s the torpedo lurking in the Wave.

“She can get you anywhere,” said Harmon. “In the air, she’s got the ball. She knows when to act. She can poke the ball out of your feet.

“Eva’s strong points are that she can muscle a girl off of the ball. She’s very aware of her surroundings.

“Anna is super fast, and she has a good kick, and she and DeNunzio have a special bond.

“Emily Bergwall too. She’s used to playing on the midfield on the wing. But she is also super fast, kind of like Anna in that way. And she is able to keep up her endurance and stamina and tackle people when needed.

“Having a midfield-type player back there is very good. She’s a very versatile player.”