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Wave coach Mo Minicus recently invited midfielder Bridget Mahoney to get more involved in the offense.

So against Wilton, Mahoney showed up with bells on, scoring the winning goal in the waning minutes of a 3-2 victory at home on Thursday.

The final goal was pure effort by Bridget, I knew she was going to score the third goal.

— KiKi Tropsa

Kendall Wisinski scored for 1-0, and set up KiKi Tropsa for 2-0 in the first half.

The Warriors came back to tie it.

“This game is definitely something that we look forward to every season and it’s always going to be high intensity,” said Tropsa. “I am so proud of how the team worked together today, especially in the offensive 25.”

Darien peeled off 14 corners. Something, had to give.

“We had so many chances to score because of the corners we were causing,” Tropsa said. “And that definitely put them on their heels, especially at the end to score the final (goal).”

The Wave went up 1-0 two minutes in on a play sparked by a dynamite stick.

“Just this wicked hit from Bridget from the 25,” said Minicus. “Straight into the circle, and Kendall just ran in and tipped it.

“It was just like: way to start the game. They were on fire.”

Darien improves to 10-1 FCIAC, 11-1-1 overall. Wilton goes to 7-3 in the league.

The Wave scored again on a corner midway through the half.

“It was a broken corner, but we just hung in there,” Minicus said. “And Kendall sent it over and KiKi sent it in.”

“I just had my stick down and pushed it into the goal,” added Tropsa. “Not anything special, but every goal was really key in this game.”

The Warriors scored on a screecher off a corner feed that beat Erica Blaze down low between the pads with 10 minutes to go in the half.

“They just executed a corner like I’ve never seen,” Minicus said. “I mean it was a rocket.”

Darien gave up a corner with 13:00 to go in the second half.

“And it was a broken corner,” Minicus said. “And those are kind of crazy, because we’re so outnumbered. And they scored. They executed two good corners.”

Mahoney executed the winning goal.

“The final goal was pure effort by Bridget,” said Tropsa, with Mahoney scoring from the stroke mark. “I knew she was going to score the third goal. She played really strong today.”

The Wave put 14 shots on goal to the Warriors’ four.

“We were applying a lot of pressure and being so smart,” Minicus said. “It was a matter of time.”