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Katie Ramsay etched the face-off X with a masterpiece.

Today was what Darien lacrosse is all about.

— Emma Lesko

“We did an excellent job of winning the draw, especially Katie Ramsay,” said Darien coach Lisa Lindley of the Wave’s 20-10 win over New Canaan in the Class L semifinals at Casagrande Field in Norwalk on Tuesday. “We controlled possessions early and buried our shots so they had to play catch up.”

And New Canaan never did, kept behind by a half dozen goals most of the way.

Four-seed Darien plays to defend its title against No. 11 Wilton at Jonathan Law in Milford 11am on Saturday.

“Very happy the girls played with confidence and executed,” said Lindley.

Executing like doom-on-a-stick itself, for the opposition, was Ramsay.

“Katie was the boss on the draw,” said Lindley.

Ramsay made her imprint on the middle of the field on the opening face-off. And it stuck.

She made an example of her power when rising and reaching up into the lights to snatch the ball off the draw midway through the first half.

Down she came with the ball on her stick, and off she galloped — a one-girl stampede — all legs and all go down the middle to the goalmouth, where she dished to Christine Fiore on her left.

Fiore made the net bulge.

She made it bulge, a lot, leading the game with six goals.

“We had a motto going into the game, ‘go harder than them,’ and I think that those words translated across the field starting from Carly (Schoudel) all the way to the attack,” said Fiore, a junior. “No matter what we did in the game it was just go hard.”

Emma Lesko, Logan Book, the Wave defense, bottled up the NC attack with a cork that wouldn’t quit.

“Today was what Darien lacrosse is all about,” Lesko said. “We had someone talk to us yesterday, and we came up with (the) great mantra — go harder than them — to think about during this game.”

They went, hard, with speed and force to the net, leading 11-5 at the half.

Darien went hard, with freshman Ashley Humphrey, exploding to the front of the net for four goals, and with Emma Jaques jacking up the pace like she had a jetpack strapped to her back.

Whoosh! And Jaques has a hat trick by early in the second half.

Whoosh! Fiore scores from a distance on the left side with a shot spitting a contrail.

Anna Stein and Nicole Humphrey scored two goals each, Katie Elders, Ramsay, Kendall Wisinski one apiece, and about every goal found the net with one kind of flourish or another on a big night for execution all around for the Blue Wave firing squad.

Schoudel made 12 saves, making the net on the end of her stick seem larger than the net behind her, or so it must have seemed to NC, sporting plenty of proven sharpshooters of its own.

Schoudel made several MVP-worthy snags on sharp bids from the crease.

“We know we have the technical skills but what we needed to have to win the game was heart and that's what we brought,” Lesko said. “I personally was very focused on shutting down their offense; they have some strong players.”

The Rams had been the only team in the state to come close to knocking off the Wave, with Jaques scoring the winner in overtime, and Lesko two late goals to tie it, in Darien’s regular season win at New Canaan.

“It is a great relief as a captain to see the juniors and seniors stepping up on the offense to get the lead, especially when I had to spend most of my time on D today with a minor injury,” Lesko added. “This was a resounding win and I'm glad we made a statement today. It was really a team effort.”