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It was a pitching duel at the Blue Wave corral and Sophia Barbour was the last girl left standing.

Pitching the shutout win, Barbour delivered at bat, homering in the bottom of the seventh inning for a 2-0 Darien victory over St. Joseph at home on Wednesday.

In a game like that, all you can do is keep the energy up.

— Cassidy Schiff

“Sophia’s pitching kept their hits to a minimum, she was outstanding,” said Wave senior captain Cassidy Schiff. “Not to mention her big bat in the seventh.”

The first-in-the-league Wave improves to 13-1 FCIAC, 15-3 overall.

St. Joseph, tied for sixth in the league, is 8-5, 9-8.

“It was a pitching battle for the most part,” said Schiff. “No one was really hitting the ball well on either side, except for Keilani (Caruso) on our side. That’s why the score was locked for so long.”

Barbour unlocked and loaded and blasted away for the two-run homer to complete the drama.

On the mound she gave up two hits, struck out five and walked one.

Caruso had two hits, doubled.

“Definitely nerve-wracking,” said Schiff. “In a game like that, all you can do is keep the energy up.”

And Darien did, clinching an FCIAC playoffs spot in its previous game, holding first place with the last-second win.

It all happened quick in the seventh.

“I led off with a single to right field and Sophia blasted a two-run walk-off home run to score us both,” said Schiff. “I love that we’ve been able to dig deep and rally in tight games like this. It’s great postseason preparation.”

Darien had four hits, one error. St. Joseph one error.

Payton Doiron took the loss on the mound.

“Keilani was definitely on her game today,” said Schiff. “She put the bat on the ball well. She plays first base and was solid there too, battling the wind.”

Darien’s infield clamped down tight.

Kristen (Picard, 2B), Jess (Carlo, 3B), and I had most of the action today — a lot of infield plays,” the shortstop Schiff said. “Only one error!”