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It’s a measure of the Wave’s unmatched status that even when the team misfires, it still doesn’t get burned.

Beating visiting Warde 17-0 at home on Saturday, the Wave had its 31st straight win.

Darien (6-0) scored all its points in the second quarter.

The Mustangs (3-3), as a far lower ranked team in the standings, earn another bar on its sleeve for its surprisingly stingy defense, with the Wave averaging over 40 points per game.

But, despite not marching over the goal line in its accustomed parade fashion, of course it's Darien’s defense that scored the shutout, always tough against anyone.

And on not its most spirited day in the sun, Darien still had spirit raising plays on offense.

Brian Minicus scored on a 10-yard pass from Jack Joyce and Joyce threw five yards to Patrick Burke for another touchdown.

Austin Hagander kicked a 25-yard field goal to close the scoring, plus put over two PAT.