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Georgia Cassidy’s stuffed in so many goals since suiting up for Colby, that she’s seen like something of an early yuletide stocking stuffer herself.

They’re not double-teaming her. They’re like, having three people marking Georgia. And she’s still finding ways to make it work.

— Kelly Terwilliger

“She’s like a big Christmas present for us,” said Colby College Mules field hockey coach Kelly Terwilliger of her new found scorer, who only joined the team this season following a red shirt freshman year at UNC. “We’re a young squad and we are just raising the bar of the program and getting after it and having some fun.”

Cassidy (DHS Class of 2016) is all of that at her new home in Maine.

She’s young, only a sophomore; has helped raise the bar as top scorer with the Mules winning four straight for the first time in 14 years, and… What, about that fun?

“Georgia I think has come alive playing for us at Colby,” Terwilliger said. “And I think it’s the environment Colby College creates. Georgia’s just come alive on campus.”

After 10 matches Cassidy’s on a better than goal-a-game course and leads the Mules with 25 points.

She scored twice in a 4-0 win over Southern Maine on Oct. 4 and had both goals as the Mules beat Wesleyan 2-1 on Saturday.

“When we caught wind of Georgia (being available), it was full court press,” said Terwilliger. “We had to get her.”

The Wave all-time scoring leader, on the field and on the ice, has scored on nearly half her shots on goal.

“She is absolutely a goal-hungry type of player,” Terwilliger, a former D1 player said. “And it’s kind of an honor to coach a player of her caliber.”

Before the victories at Waterville and Middletown, Colby (7-3 overall, 3-3 NESCAC) had its win streak snapped in a 6-1 loss to Middlebury on Sept. 30, where Cassidy had the lone goal.

“If you think of all the characteristics great players have,” said Terwilliger. “Georgia pretty much has them all.”

She leads by example, and with a team-leading 12 goals.

“She’s a great role model, a quiet leader,” Terwilliger added. “But playing-wise — holy moly — she is a skillful, creative player.

At times presiding over the sidelines has just given Terwilliger a front row seat.

“She’s a smart player,” the coach said. “So it’s just kind of fun to watch her.”

She didn’t give in, giving Colby a last gasp at Middlebury.

“At Middlebury, we called timeout,” Terwilliger said. “And the game — the score didn’t reflect the competition.”

Colby trailed 6-0.

“So I called a timeout and said, all right guys, let’s get a goal in. And Georgia in three minutes puts the ball in, and Middlebury takes a foul. And — yep — Georgia, you take a stroke. And she gets it right in.”

Cassidy’s mostly playing at her natural forward, but has also slotted in at midfield.

“Just to keep her on the ball more,” said Terwilliger. “Because, they’re not double-teaming her. They’re like, having three people marking Georgia.

“And she’s still finding ways to make it work.”

Colby is likely to work more with Darien in the future.

“In my previous coaching we didn’t have much draw from New England,” said Terwilliger, in her second year at Colby. “And right off the bat, it was like, I need to get in with this. It’s just Mo (Minicus’s) style of coaching; she really (has) players that have a deep love for the sport; that enjoy it. And Georgia is a great example of that.”