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For the first time in 25 years, the Country Club of Darien swim and dive team finished its season 6-0 and won its division. The squad was led by Pat Swift, who is in his 24th year at the Country Club, and his staff, Natalie Dellinger, Jessica Chen (a former Darien High School student), Grace Stryker and Kim Devine. The two team captains were Matthew Ross and Amanda Bieler, each of whom have been on the team since age six.

Coach Swift's philosophy is to ensure summer swimming is fun, and every child swims in every meet. Examples of this philosophy coming to life can be seen shortly before each meet, when the team's mascot will lead the swimmers and divers around the pool deck in a spirit march. From there, coach Swift leads the team in their long-time cheer. While the Country Club team consists of several year-round swimmers, there are some participants who swim only during the summer, and it is most proud of the overall team spirit and camaraderie.