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Folks, I believe in sports.

I believe in people.

I believe in good writing.

I believe in a quality medium-rare steak and the imaginary buzzer-beater in the driveway that makes the crowd roar just because you said so.

But chiefly, I believe that every game, in its purest essence, is a story.

You see, any contest always has a beginning, an end, and quarters, periods or innings sandwiched in between with the plot details. Some even have heroes and villains. Not to mention, all finish with a winner and a loser.

And lastly, once the final gun goes off or closing chapter is written, each and every game needs a storyteller in order to be told again.

For these very reasons, and the graciousness of my new editors, I am your new sports editor of the Darien News.

Hi there. I'm Andrew.

It's nice to be in this space with you.

To share a little bit about myself I should first tell you that prior to writing this column, I spent a near-lifelong stay up in Storrs, Conn., first as a resident and later a

UConn student until last May (yes, people actually live there). Over the last four-plus years, I have covered countless Husky games in more than 25 states for both print and radio, including two Final Fours and a national championship. During that period, I also shared some of my work with the likes of CBS Sports Network, SB Nation and Finally, in my free time, I got around to earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in communications and psychology.

But, enough about my past. We're here for the present, the future and most importantly, the sports.

Going forward, my aim is simple: Provide you with the best coverage of Darien sports you will find anywhere. Anywhere. Not only because it is my job, but because truthfully, it is nothing short of what you and your local athletes deserve.

The very best Connecticut high school sports are right here at home. And given the fierce competitiveness you will find from the furthest corners of Thompson and Salisbury down to the shores of Stonington and Captain Harbor, that is something to be damn proud of.

So each Friday, I want you to be just as proud of the paper you hold in your hands.

Our weekly storytelling will match the magnificence of the stories born every day from the fields, courts and rinks in Darien. Our staff will be here, we'll be there, we'll be online and we will be in person everywhere as the next best story starts to unfold.

Finally, I now want to invite you to always feel free to aid our search. Throw me a line, story idea, tweet, email, or steakhouse recommendation anytime, and I assure you that I'll get back with a speedy reply.

For I believe that it is an honor to be your Sports Edtior, and I promise to prove that to you every, single day.

See you at the final buzzer.