Latest Darien property transfers; $3.8M sale on Crooked Mile

The following property transfers were recorded by the Darien town clerk's office July 25-30:

10 McCrea Lane: Andrew C. VanOrden and Anna VanOrden to Mark Hartigan and Suellen Bizub Hartigan, $1,710,000

6 Mansfield Place: Travers Properties LLC to Brian D. Kaschel and Nancy E. Kaschel, $1,560,000

33 Dickenson Road: Jeanne I. Magnunson to Huang Li, $715,000

35 Crooked Mile Road: Tina Martin to Michael H. Dolan and Jennifer C. Dolan, $3,850,000

10 Ward Lane: Douglas A. Hall and Linda C. Hall to Steven Y. Lee and Jewon M. Lee, $667,875

19 LaForge Road: Francis P. Sitter and Jolene C. Sitter to Brian James Wyatt and Laura Sanders Wyatt, $941,750