#Election2018 results: Lamont wins, Stefanowski concedes; Darien votes lean Republican

Connecticut awoke Wednesday still not knowing who its next governor will be, or when that answer might be finalized.

The answer came around 9 a.m., when Republican Bob Stefanowski conceded.

“A few moments ago, I called Ned Lamont to concede the race for governor and congratulate him on a hard-fought victory,” Stefanowski said in a statement. “I wish both Ned and the state of Connecticut success over these next four years.”

Democrat Lamont had 46.57% of the vote while Stefanowski had 45.86% of the vote according to results posted by the Secretary of the State’s office Wednesday morning, with 91.13% of precincts reporting. Unaffiliated candidate Oz Griebel took 3.99% of the vote.

In addition to ballots remaining to be counted, there are questions about what ballots should count.

Shortly before 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said thousands of ballots may have to be counted by hand because they got wet during heavy rains throughout Tuesday.

Meanwhile. Stefanowski is questioning whether some late votes should be counted at all. Via his Twitter account, Stefanowski said he has sought an injunction seeking to nullify ballots cast by voters who were registered after 8 p.m. under Connecticut’s same-day voter registration law. He asked Tuesday that such ballots be set aside pending a ruling.

Again, per guidance issued by the Secretary of State it is illegal to register voters AFTER 8pm, even if they are in line,” Stefanowski tweeted. He tweeted that a judge will hold a hearing Friday if necessary.

Those in lines in New Haven and Mansfield, near the University of  Connecticut, were sworn-in en masse as the 8 p.m. closing of polls loomed, Stefanowski tweeted.

“Every registered voter currently in line at 8pm is allowed to vote. They can vote! But they can't be mass sworn in at 7:45pm and they can't be sworn in after 8pm. The law is clear. If you are registered and in line – vote! If you are not registered before 8pm – you can't vote,” he tweeted.


U.S. Sen. Christopher Murphy overwhelmingly won a second term Tuesday night.

Polls had barely closed when media outlets called the race for the 45-year-old Murphy against Republican Matthew Corey.

Wednesday morning, with 91% of precincts reporting, Murphy had more than 787,000 votes, nearly 60%, while Corey was a distant second with 537,797, 40%. In Darien, the race was closer.  Murphy lost to Corey by a narrow margin — 4,855 to 4,753.

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes easily turned back challenger Harry Arora Tuesday to win a sixth term in Congress.

The Democratic incumbent, first elected in 2008, finished with 60.69% of the vote, while the Republican newcomer was around 39%. In Darien, Himes lost to Arora, 4,992 to 4,672.

Constitutional races

Democrats have won three of Connecticut’s constitutional offices and appear poised to make it a sweep of all four Wednesday morning.

The only race not yet called is for Attorney General, with Democrat William Tong facing Republican Susan Hatfield. With 91% of precincts reporting, Tong has 681,301 votes, around 50%, with Hatfield at 624,465.

Incumbent Secretary of the State Denise Merrill turned back the challenge of Republican Susan Chapman, 798,237 votes to 573,047.

Comptroller Kevin Lembo won another term, the Democratic incumbent finishing with 692,177 votes, more than 100,000 above Republican Kurt Miller (590,263).

Democrats held onto the state treasurer’s office, being vacated by Denise Nappier. Democratic candidate Shawn Wood finished with 713,011 votes, while Republican Thad Gray earned 593,338.

All results were as of 6 a.m. Wednesday, with 91% of precincts reporting.

State senate


Once again, a challenger has been unable to to unseat incumbent Democrat and Majority Leader Sen. Bob Duff in the 25th District, representing Norwalk and Darien. Norwalk Republican Marc D’Amelio lost to Duff, earning 13,622 votes to Duff’s 23,624. D’Amelio won in Darien, 3,588, to Duff’s 2,747.
When reached for comment, Bob Duff said he is “very gratified by the overwhelming support by the people of Norwalk and Darien.”
He said he looks forward to getting back to work and “moving our state forward.”
“We go back into session in January. We have a new governor and we are going to have a senate Democratic majority and a lot of new faces, so we will be working hard do make sure we represent the people of the state, both Democrats and Republicans.”
Republican Marc D’Amelio who lost to Duff, said he greatly appreciates Darien residents and their support for him.
“They’ve been incredibly kind and generous, and that to me is one of the best experiences — my relationship with the people of Darien,” D’Amelio said.
As far as his future plans go, he said he will take some time to “reflect.”
“I’m concerned for the future of the state, the city of Norwalk, and the town of Darien,” he said.
While he added that he has no desire to run for office again, he said he is “a better person for going through it.”
In the 27th District, incumbent Democratic Sen. Carlo Leone of Stamford held on to his seat, winning nearly two to one votes, like Duff, 22,161 to 11,649 over Stamford Republican Jerry Bosak. Bosak followed his fellow Republicans’ pattern and won in Darien, 1,823 to Leone’s 1,246.

State house

Incumbent Republican State Rep. Terrie Wood still earned 6,458 despite running unopposed. Wood represents the 141st District, representing Darien and Rowayton.

The 147th District, which includes part of Darien and Stamford,  was left up for grabs without an incumbent after William Tong opted to run for state attorney general. Stamford Democrat Matt Blumenthal, son of Richard Blumenthal, earned 6,187 votes, beating out Stamford Republican hopeful Anzelmo Graziosi’s 4,326 votes. Graziosi beat Blumenthal  in Darien by a hair, 805 to 790.
Darien Democratic Town Committee Chairman David Bayne said that the committee is “very pleased our Democratic candidates did reasonably well in Darien.”
He added the Democrats received a "significant number of votes," which “led them to victory in the State Senate and State Representative races.”
He said the committee is “heartened that Matt Blumenthal did very well here in Darien.”
Blumenthal had a “phenomenal” showing for a first time candidate, according to Bayne.
“He knew the issues, did the work, went door to door, and it shows that Democrats can do well in Darien,” Bayne said. “Given the voter registration direction in Darien, to lose by three votes is amazing.”
He said this shows how the voters “recognize the quality of the candidates above party label.”

Darien elections

Darien’s First Selectman Jayme Stevenson was watching the results come in at the Goose with other town Republicans. She told The Darien Times the turnout at the polls was “awesome.” John Visi, the Republican Registrar of Voters, told The Darien Times it was “record-breaking.”

“The turnout was super exciting today,” she said. “Really, it’s what democracy is.”

Stevenson said if Republicans were to sweep the state, she hoped “they can make good on their promises. There’s a lot at stake. I hope they find a way to work with both parties, because it’s going to take everybody.” If Democrats were to prevail in the state, she hoped they would realize “the task is now theirs. We’re in challenging economic times and we need them to work on it.”

Darien’s town-level contests were mostly uncontested other than in some of its RTM districts. Neither the Board of Education candidates or either party’s Registrar of Voters faced challenges for their seats. Democrat Katie Stein and Republican Debra Ritchie were re-elected to the board. Newcomer David Brown, chosen by Republicans to replace former board chairman Michael Harman, who was not endorsed by the Republican Town Committee, was elected to the Board of Ed.

In the RTM District 2, newcomer Vincent Arguimbau edged out incumbent Richard Aponte for the last spot at 743 to 738. In District 5, Frederick Hebert was left without a seat as the lowest vote-getter at 729. A write-in candidate in District 4 unsuccessfully bid for an RTM seat. Rolf C. Obin was the lowest vote-getter at 788 — narrowly missing out to the second lowest vote-getter Jay Hardison, who earned 792 votes.

Full Darien results:

Candidates for State Senator - Senatorial District 25

Bob Duff*, D, WF, 2,801

Marc D’Amelio, (R, I) 3,686

Candidates for State Senator - Senatorial District 27

Carlo Leone*, D, 1,248

Jerry Bosak, R and I, 1,823

Cora M. Santaguida, G, 19

Candidates for State Representative- Assembly District 147

Matt Blumenthal, D 790

Anzelmo Graziosi, R, I, 805

Candidates for State Representative - Assembly District 141

Terrie E. Wood*, R, I, 6,458

Candidates for Secretary of the State

Denise W. Merrill*, D, WF,  3,800

Susan Chapman, R, I, 5,612

Heather Lynn Sylvestre Gwynn, L, 53,

  1. Michael DeRosa, G, 44

Candidates for Treasurer

Shawn Wooden, D, WF, 3,488

Thad Gray, R, I, 5,820

Jesse Brohinsky, L, 60

Candidates for Comptroller

Kevin Lembo*, D, WF, 3,559

Kurt Miller, R, I, 5,653

Paul Passarelli, L, 80

Edward G. Heflin, G, 33

Candidates for Attorney General

William Tong, D, WFm 4,007

Sue Hatfield, R, I, 5,400

Peter D. Goselin, Green Party

Candidates For Judge of Probate

William P. Osterndorf*, R, 6,712

Candidates for Registrar of Voters

Susan K. Gray,* D, 3,999

John Visi,* R, 5,166

Board of Education Candidates

Katie Stein*, D, 4,551

David Brown, R, 5,323

Debra McGarry Ritchie,* R, 6,160

Representative Town Meetings


District I

Sarah M. Baldwin 1,049

Amy Barsanti 1,108

Taylor W. Carter 1,007

Diane G. Conologue 997

Christopher Ezbiansky 1,013

Cassie Ann Mecsery 972

District II

Richard A. Aponte 738

Vincent C. Arguimbau, III 743

Elisabeth C. Bacon 962

James Henry Howe 882

Cheryl Russell 909

Clara C. Sartori 917

Barbara L. Thorne 977

Michael C. Wheeler 929

Penelope Wilson 889

District III

Jack H. Davis 958

Elise Feldman 959

Petr Marousek 979

Edward A. Washecka 914

Lisa Yarnell 974

Scott Zimmerman 981

District IV

Joan V. Davis 932

Joseph H. Hardison,III 792

Olive J. Hauser 860

Michael G. Heitz 836

Sarah B. Neumann 939

Rolf C. Obin 788

Brian J. Rayhill 925

Linda S. Terhune 953

Morgan  B. Whittier 878

District V

Mark R. Adiletta 783

David F. Bayne 878

John V. Boulton 860

Janet F. Grogan 946

Frederick R Hebert 729

Joanne K. Hennessy 969

Lindsay Kelly 959

David R. Martin 819

Laura R. Mosher 916

Sheila B. Sherwood 936

District VI

Frank H. Adelman 1.042

Carlo Cantavero 987

Edgar M. Hawkins 974

Susan R.  Lauritzen 1,048

Richard Poll 981

Robert A. Werner 1,049