The town’s two political party committees will caucus the same night, in the same place, one after the other, next week..

The Democrats will meet on Thursday, Jan 11 at 7 p.m. The DTC does not release a slate in advance of the caucus. There are currently 14 members listed on the DTC website. David Bayne, former selectman, is chairman.

In a recent letter to the editor, Bayne said “if you are tired of yelling at your television (or internet browser) and want become a participant in democracy, please contact DTC Chair David Bayne at DFBayne@aol.comabout becoming a member of the 2018-20 DTC.”

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Republicans will caucus the same night, Jan. 11, at 7:30 p.m.

Unlike the Democrats, the RTC releases a list of candidates in advance of the caucus and no nominations are allowed from the floor. RTC Chairman Brent Hayes recently told the Darien Times there have been no petitions challenging the endorsed slate.

Currently the RTC has 21 members and the slate is also 21 candidates. Most of the slate is returning members. Notable slate absences include the departure of RTM Education Committee member Jay Hardison.

Notable slate additions include former Board of Finance member Bruce Orr and the return of former committee vice chairman (and former Board of Education Chairman) John Boulton.

There are 13,202 registered voters in Darien. Of those voters, 5,751 are Republican , 2,671 are Democrats, and 4,659 are unaffiliated. There are 121 voters in “other” categories.

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Correction: The print version of this article mistakenly stated former Board of Finance Chairman Liz Mao was not on the endorsed slate of RTC candidates. She is on the slate.