The following is a press release from Rep. William Tong. 

Stressing that Connecticut voters are being deprived of a right held by people in dozens of other jurisdictions, Rep. William Tong praised the House Tuesday for approving a resolution based on legislation he introduced that seeks a statewide vote on an amendment to the Connecticut Constitution allowing early voting in general elections.

The resolution captures the essence of legislation that Tong introduced and said was a major priority for 2017.  Tong’s bill on early voting was the first to be introduced at the start of the session.

Representative Tong (D-Stamford, Darien), the House chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said voters should be given the valuable convenience of being able to cast an early ballot without having to request an absentee ballot and telling election officials that they will be out of town on Election Day.

“With dozens of other states already allowing early voting, it is time that we give that same right to the people of Connecticut,” Tong said. “Early voting will help decrease long lines on Election Day and encourage more eligible voters to make their voices heard. Our democracy will become stronger if we have more people turn out to vote.”

Tong said early voting would help eliminate long lines of people waiting to vote. In the November election, a record 1.7 million ballots were cast statewide, creating long lines in many municipalities such as Stamford, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Milford, Norwalk and Danbury.

“People were being dissuaded from voting in some districts because of the long wait time. That’s not acceptable. It’s just not right,” Tong said.