To the Editor:

Rob Richards — quite literally— has Darien moving forward.  During his time as a selectman, Rob has amassed countless victories for the people of Darien.  One of his biggest was helping to solve the contentious issue of getting lights for the Darien High School stadium.  When the issue was on the precipice of becoming (even more) litigious with concerned neighbors, Rob took action.  

Instead of trying to force the lights through —  as the Planning & Zoning chairman and Rob’s opponent would have been content to do — Rob started a dialogue with the neighbors.  This led to the neighbors agreeing to lights being installed.  Rob doesn’t let partisanship, bad blood, or personalities get in the way of the needs of Darien residents.  He provides a voice for all residents, working through issues with tact, fairness, and a calm demeanor to make Darien a better place for everyone.  Rob recognizes the need for consensus building—something that is currently undervalued in our local, state and national government.  

As a selectman, Rob put the needs of Darien residents first, not his personal agenda.  The first selectman’s office needs a leader with Rob’s attitude and willingness to work with everyone.  I hope you join me in voting for Rob Richards for First Selectman.

Mike Klein


The writer is a member of Darien's Democratic Town Committee