STAMFORD — A New York man, who was in Stamford to take a lie detector test to appear on the Steve Wilkos television show, was arrested for allegedly yelling at his wife in front of a police officer, police said.

Richard Bague, 46, of Syracuse, N.Y., was charged with breach of peace and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. He was released after posting $5,000 bond.

According to a police report in Bague’s court file, police got a report of a fight occurring between a man and a woman at Latham Park on Tuesday night. As an officer left police headquarters, he heard a man screaming extremely loudly and followed the voice to the back of Stamford Academy where he found Bague, who was yelling at a woman sitting on the ground.

The couple told the officer they were in Stamford to tape a segment of the Wilkos show, during which Bague was to take a lie detector test because his wife suspected him of cheating, the police report said.

Requests for comment from “The Steve Wilkos Show” were not immediately returned. A spokesperson from the show said on Thursday that Bague did not participate in taping the show and will not do so in the future.

After going to the show the two, who have been married for three years and have a child, went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and began drinking. While walking home to their Bedford Street hotel, they began arguing about things that occurred while at the show, the report said.

Bague, who cuts tiles for a living for a tile, stone and metal wholesaler, told the officer that the argument was verbal only, the report said. Bague, who had a cut on his hand, said it was from a beer bottle he was holding that he broke when he fell down on his way back to the hotel.

Bague’s wife told police she was unfamiliar with Stamford, lost her way for a short period of time and could not find her husband, the report said. She said she got really upset when she stumbled upon Bague in a convenience store buying beer, rather than looking for her while she was lost.

When Bague was taken to police headquarters and searched, officers found a small bag of marijuana weighing 1.8 grams in his sock, according to the report.