Obituary: William W. Helman III, formerly of Darien

William W. Helman III died on Saturday, June 2 peacefully in his home at Meadow Ridge in Redding, CT.

Bill was a 50+ year employee of Smith Barney Harris Upham, having joined in 1954 and serving as Managing Director, Senior Vice President, Chief Economist and Chair of the Investment Policy Committee throughout his tenure. Bill began his career as the computer research analyst, during a period of time when most people had never heard of a computer.

The chief delight for him in his work was analyzing and forecasting anything to do with the economy — writing weekly on investment trends, speaking at research conferences, and even inventing a predictive tool called the “Monetary Pressure Index” which correlated the relationship between stock prices and monetary policy. Bill was also a longtime member of the National Business Economic Issues Council (NBEIC) and always looked forward to attending the quarterly meetings.

Bill was a graduate of Cornell University, earning a BA in Economics in 1950 and an MBA in 1954. In between, he served in the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy. Upon return from the service, Bill almost completed the PhD curriculum in Economics at New York University. He was a real economics nerd.

Bill, who grew up in Greensburg, PA, was a longtime resident of Darien, CT and enjoyed careful attention to his lawn, dabbling in golf and tennis, music and gin gibsons at the Tokeneke Beach Club, sailing the Long Island Sound, perfecting the burger in his backyard and spending time with his family and friends.

Bill is survived by his wife Susan Early Helman, and his three children from his first wife, Nancy Solakian Helman (predeceased) — William W. Helman IV, Eliza J. Kraft, and Rebecca S. Helman, and stepdaughter Edwina Annicelli. In addition, Bill has seven grandchildren — Rachel Gerli, Aleah Vickers, Julia Hope Quigley, Beatrice P. Helman, William W. Helman V, Katie Annicelli and Casey Annicelli.

The family will hold private services.