Partner with The Darien Times: About election letters, and giving back to hurricane victims

Election season is on the horizon. The following policies are in effect as of Oct. 1.

Letters to the editors: Letters touting a candidate or group of candidates must be 150 words or fewer. Longer letters will be rejected. Letters on general election issues may be as long as the usual letter limit of 350 words but may not be cloaked with endorsements.

This year, help us give back throughout the election season. For every election letter, we are asking for a voluntary donation to help the victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Save the Children has committed to partner with The Darien Times in this endeavor. This is not mandatory to publish your letters.

Should you choose to donate, use this designated Darien Times link —

To view the most recent work in Puerto Rico by Save the Children, visit here:

Op-eds must be discussed with the editor in advance of submission.

No letter negatively critical of candidates will be published in the Nov. 2 edition, the last before Election Day.

Letters are due by 5 p.m. on Mondays. This policy is subject to change as per editor’s discretion based on volume.

Email letters or questions related to election opinion only  to