Letters to the Editor: Residents support candidates in Tuesday's Democratic primary

The Darien Times is posting a list of letters received for candidates in both the Democrat and Republican primaries to take place on Tuesday. These are letters for Democratic candidates. 

Darien DTC endorses Ned Lamont, Susan Bysiewicz and William Tong

To the Editor:

The Darien DTC has met with most of the candidates in the Aug. 14 primaries and endorses Ned Lamont for governor, Susan Bysiewicz for lieutenant governor and Darien’s own William Tong for attorney general.  For treasurer, both Dita Bhargava and Shawn Wooden have garnered much respect and no endorsement was given. Both are excellent candidates.

There are two long years left to the Trump Administration, and the first line of defense to its assault on the truth, the values of inclusiveness and an open society will be in Hartford. It is imperative that Democratic primary voters endorse an electable ticket.

Voter turnout is expected to be low. Darien’s Democrats will, therefore, have a greater opportunity than normal to have their voices heard. If you will not be in town on Aug. 14, please go to the town clerk’s office and cast a ballot before you leave.  

David Bayne

Darien Democratic Town Committee chairman

Vote the endorsed slate of Democrats on Aug. 14

To the Editor:

The upcoming Aug. 14 primary midterm election is the first step in gearing up for November elections. One party talks about inclusiveness, opportunities and fairness. Some in the other party speak in divisive, intolerant terms or stay silent. One party will work for a strong economy that is for all working families. There is a clear difference this election. One party has a consistent record protecting the environment, and as a leader in gun safety in the nation. Affordable accessible health care that protects preexisting conditions is at risk and only one party will resist dismantling the Affordable Care Act.

If you want Darien to continue to be a friendly and safe place to raise your family and attract new ones, this is the time to vote for candidates that serve the people. Your vote matters — register and vote to keep Darien’s core values intact!  Make a plan in advance to find your polling location. I hope that you will join me in voting for the Democratic-endorsed slate of candidates that appear on Row A of your ballot. They include, Ned Lamont for governor, Susan Bysiewicz for lieutenant governor, William Tong for attorney general and Dita Bhargava for Connecticut treasurer.

Dan Nalawade

Darien resident since 2007

Voting on Aug. 14 is our first defense against Trump

To the Editor:

As a new member of the DTC, I’m encouraging all Darien Democrats to vote, or vote by absentee ballot, for our Aug. 14 primaries.

Our first line of defense against the Trump administration starts with our local representation.

The Darien DTC has met with most of the candidates in the Aug. 14 primaries and endorses Ned Lamont for governor, Susan Bysiewicz for lieutenant governor and Darien’s own William Tong for attorney general.  

Turnout is expected to be light so your vote will have greater impact. Please join me by voting for the endorsed slate of Democrats that appear on Row A of the ballot.

Katharine Gray Bunoski


Support Ned Lamont for governor

To the Editor:

As a first-time state Democratic Convention attendee I was proud to support Ned Lamont for governor. As a single mother of two, a real estate agent, a former educator in Connecticut, I am very concerned for the future of our state. We need a governor that understands the urgency of correcting our fiscal situation, will promote and protect our educators, address the needs of all students and create public-private partnerships that will encourage job growth. Lamont ran a successful local business that responsibly managed its finances.

Please join me and vote in the Democratic Primary on Aug. 14 for Ned Lamont for governor. Get out and vote. We are all responsible for what happens in November.

Jennifer Leahy


William Tong will be an effective attorney general

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage my fellow citizens who are registered Democrats to vote in the Aug. 14 Democratic primaries. I can state with a clear personal certainty that never in my life have I seen democratic values so pivotally threatened as they are today. One of the very few pockets of power the citizenry now has to reverse this tide of diminishing democracy is the vote.

I recommend William Tong for the office of attorney general. William is highly intelligent and has proven his political effectiveness in state government. He can take on the gun lobby and Big Pharma, both of which are threats to our peace and physical well-being. He has a combination of political savvy and strategic activism that will serve the public very well in his capacity as attorney general. This is a highly important position, not only for the State of Connecticut, but for the nation as a whole, because a good attorney general can influence other state attorneys general to act in ways which are collectively powerful. I believe William Tong can master this job and lead the state forward in an effective and trustworthy way. Thank you.

Margaret Rague


National politics are a disaster; support state Democrats to avoid the same

To the Editor:

To Democrats, national politics are a genuine disaster. We do not want to experience more such actions at our state level. It is important for CT Democrats to choose Ned LaMont to be our candidate for governor because he is the one who can win in November. Ned will need a Democratic lieutenant governor to support him in our legislature and that candidate is Susan Bysiewicz. William Tong has a distinguished record as a state representative and has the skills and values to be an effective attorney general. Each registered Democrat can help choose our candidates for the November election by voting in the primary election here in Darien on Aug. 14.

Marc Thorne

The writer is a Darien selectman.

Support Democratic endorsed candidates in primaries

To the Editor:

Darien Democrats know how important every vote is in every election. Next week, on Aug. 14, we have an opportunity to vote in a primary election to select who will lead our state ticket. I am proud to support all of our endorsed candidates, particularly Ned Lamont for governor and William Tong for attorney general. These candidates bring the kind of leadership and experience Connecticut needs now. Please join me on Tuesday, Aug. 14, in voting for the Democratic candidates on row A of the ballot.

Frank Adelman

Darien Democratic Town Committee

Support Lamont and Bysiewicz in primaries

To the Editor:

Democrats in Darien have the opportunity on Tuesday, Aug. 14, to select who will be our candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. The DTC endorsed Ned Lamont for governor and Susan Bysiewicz for lieutenant governor. They each bring a unique set of skills which will benefit the residents of Connecticut. Ned brings the much-needed business experience and Susan brings her governmental experience; together they will be a strong ticket in November. Join me on Tuesday, Aug. 14, in voting for Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz.

Barbara Thorne


The writer is a former Darien selectman.