Letter: Wood should put forward ideas instead of name calling

To the Editor:
It was two weeks ago when Donald Trump called Democrats in Congress and in the Senate socialists. It didn’t take long for the name calling to reach Darien. In her op-ed last week, our own State Representative Terrie Wood picked up the rhetoric – bringing it home – referring to the Hartford “Democratic Socialists.”
She continued on to criticize legislation that has been proposed citing that she finds these proposals confounding. Some of these proposals actually put forward the structural change candidates and voters called for during the past election.
Any proposal will go through a long legislative process before the proposal will become law if at all. It will get debated, maybe have a public hearing and maybe called to the floor for a vote. Proposals should not incite name calling and fear mongering, rather thoughtful debate and constructive solutions.
Rather than call names and criticize, Representative Wood would serve us all better by putting forward solid ideas on how to move Connecticut forward. Fear mongering and name calling has no home here in Darien.

Randy Klein

The writer is a member of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee.