To the Editor:

Under the Democratic leadership of Dannel Malloy and Bob Duff, Hartford has handed Connecticut residents two of the largest tax increases in history. They failed to pass a budget and plan to take away state funding to Darien which will result in higher taxes for ALL Darien residents. We’ve had businesses including GE, Aetna and now Alexion Pharmaceuticals leave Connecticut. Darien should not suffer due to Malloy and Duff’s inability to manage the State’s finances. Our retired seniors live on a fixed income, and young families cross the NY State line to avoid high taxes. On Nov. 7 I hope that you will vote for Stevenson, Marks and Koons who have a proven track record of success and the only team that will defend Darien from these inept politicians. This election is not about political affiliation it’s about who will best protect our schools, seniors and continue to make Darien a great place to live.

Brent Hayes


The writer is the chairman of Darien’s Republican Town Committee