To the Editor:

Jayme Stevenson, Susan Marks, and Kip Koons make a strong trio governing, developing, and protecting Darien.

In fact, all five members of the Board of Selectmen have done a great job, been effective, worked very well together. I encourage you to re-elect this entire board to let them continue their strong leadership in this difficult time in Connecticut.

Each person brings a special talent. Jayme is a steady and decisive leader. Susan Marks walks the town and listens carefully to the words on the street. Kip Koons has his sharp pencil and burns the midnight oil pouring over the books. Marc Thorne has a great intellect and experience, in business and local government. And Rob Richards is the young blood, making sure the wants and needs of the younger people of Darien are heard. In these awful financial times in Connecticut, let's keep this strong team in place!

Catherine Beckmann