To the Editor:

While I will take the Darien Times at its word that it tried to contact Senators Duff and Leone and Representative Tong for comments on the Governor’s proposed budget, it is not surprising that these hard-working legislators would not drop everything to respond to the Editor.  The Darien Times Editorial page has been less than supportive of Darien’s Democratic legislators.

Last week’s editorial “Silence” is yet another example of the Darien Times’ combative attitude towards them.  The editorial simply recycled the talking points of local Republicans that the State should not ask wealthy towns like Darien to help solve Connecticut’s budget problems and then chastised Senators Duff and Leone and Representative Tong for not joining in that chorus.  

What the editorial ignores is that the budget being proposed was that of Governor Malloy — not that of Duff, Leone and Tong.  Despite the Darien Times’ suggestion to the contrary, Darien can be assured that Duff, Leone and Tong will remember that they represent Darien in the lengthy budget negotiations that will result from the Governor’s proposal.

I would like to suggest that it might be more helpful in the search for solutions to the extraordinary budget crisis confronting Connecticut if the Darien Times spent less time finger-pointing and more time (and ink) focusing on the enormity of the problem facing Connecticut.  Connecticut’s $1.8 billion budget deficit has been decades in the making and fault can be laid at the feet of both Republican and Democratic lawmakers.  

Consequently, today’s lawmakers in Hartford face incredibly difficult choices.  Promoting a narrative that Hartford’s Democrats intend to punish Darien because it is a wealthy town that has managed its finances well neither suggests a solution nor opens a dialogue towards finding one.

Darien is not an island and arguing that Darien should not have to contribute to solving our state’s problems simply diminishes Darien’s voice in the important discussions still to come over Connecticut’s budget.  I hope that the Editor will take a more constructive approach in the future.

David Bayne

5 Windsor Road


The writer is the chairman of Darien's Democratic Town Committee