To the Editor:

During the evening of Labor Day this year, my wife dialed 911 to report I was having bad chest pain and could not breathe. A few minutes later, John Kalotai of Stamford Emergency Medical Services  and a few of the young men and women of Post 53 arrived at my home where John took charge and went to work immediately. His training, expertise and ability to administer medications right away were key factors in saving my life that night.

We are fans of Post 53 and think they are a wonderful group of youngsters who dedicated and volunteer their time in helping our community. However, if it wasn't for the change in placing certified medical technicians inside these ambulances, me for one would not be here. Thanks to Rob Richards and those who pushed for this measure last year. It was a no brainier that has saved many of us already and will continue to do so.

John Corcoran