To the Editor:

As Democrats we are excited to endorse and recommend Terrie Wood for re-election as our state representative.  We are “Terriecrats."

Terrie has proven herself to be a tireless, amiable and dedicated public servant.  Her 100% voting record is a shining example to all others in her position.  We have always found her to be open-minded and willing to listen to opposing views.  Her commitment to constituents and representing our best interests is unparalleled. While her opponent plays the usual partisan games, Terrie has been refreshingly non-partisan in her legislative efforts.

It is clear that a single-party in control has not worked out well for Connecticut. We have a flaccid economy which has not participated in the broader national recovery, and an obvious trend toward politics-over-expertise in leading critical state departments. There's too much at risk to get this wrong.

It would be nice if we could send ten representatives like Terrie to Hartford. Fortunately we have the privilege of sending one. Vote for Terrie Wood on Nov. 8.

Cassandra Hegarty

John Lundeen

Rachel Martin

Cynthia Princi

Holly Russell

Rob Werner

Philip Van Munching

John Lundeen is a former Democratic selectman.

Rob Werner, Rachel Martin and Cassandra Hegarty are former members of the Darien Democratic Town Committee.

Werner challenged Terrie Wood unsuccessfully for state rep in 2012.