To the Editor:

My name is Greg Ehlers and I am supporting Jayme Stevenson for first selectman.

Being a student of politics, I was not surprised to already hear the rhetoric from the left regarding Jayme Stevenson.  But I was surprised at such unfounded criticisms.

For example, there were accusations of a lack of transparency. Look at the record:

Channel 79 is covering every meeting at Town Hall, with funding in the Selectmen’s budget.  Your DVR or the web will get your transparency anytime you want.  

Darien signed on to “Open Gov, “ a cloud-based financial planning and transparency tool.  Log in anytime and study Darien’s data and spending down to the penny.

Furthermore, Jayme went to great lengths this year to educate us on the impact of actions by the Democrats in Hartford on our tax bills, mill rate and the potential effects on services.  She was very transparent.

Greg Ehlers

21 Brushy Hill Road