To the Editor:

Jayme Stevenson is the clear choice to lead Darien.

Jayme has served us admirably as our first selectman, understanding the critical issues facing our state and their impact on Darien.

No question, we are in challenging times in our state. We need a first selectman with Jayme’s leadership experience in the administrative, town board and non-profit sectors to guide our town. She works hard, listens well and looks for productive solutions to issues. Responsible, responsive and a positive approach define her. I see this every day. Additionally, she is a woman of her word who cares deeply about helping those in need.

Please join me in my enthusiastic support by voting on Nov. 7 for Jayme Stevenson for first selectman along with Susan Marks and Kip Koons for selectmen. This team will continue to serve Darien with distinction.

Terrie Wood

State Representative

141st district

Editor's note: This letter was received before the Monday deadline at 5 p.m. and was inadvertently not printed.