To the Editor:

We strongly support the "Best for Darien" team– Jayme Stevenson, Susan Marks, and Kip Koons, because of the strong, insightful leadership they have consistently provided to our town. Given the critical issues facing towns throughout Connecticut and the state's fiscal budgetary crisis, we need their expertise and vision more than ever. They have demonstrated a consistent, strategic approach to Darien's governance, both short-term and long-term, without regard to party affiliation (other than fighting against Gov. Malloy's painful Democratic budget proposals in Hartford). Each member of the team is visible, engaged, and committed to doing what’s best for Darien's residents. We need their talents more than ever, regardless of what happens in Hartford. Stevenson, Koons, and Marks are the best for Darien!         

Jim and Belinda Metzger


Belinda Metzger is the secretary of Darien’s Republican Town Committee