To the Editor:

Our state is in the midst of a fiscal crisis that will impact Darien no matter which party’s budget passes.  Darien is in need of transparent and accountable leadership more than ever. This is why I am supporting Rob Richards for first selectman.  Unfortunately, the current Republican leadership prefers to operate in a closed-door manner similar to the Hartford powers whom they enjoy constantly criticizing.

Rob does not look to score political points like the Republican candidates, who held a campaign fund-raiser called Lights Campaign Action where they politicized not only the Darien High School stadium lights, but also the success of the football team in order to raise campaign funds.

Darien needs Rob Richards to lead us through these tumultuous times.  He is the new blood our town leadership needs after years of closed door governing. Let's elect Rob Richards to bring honest, transparent, and caring leadership back to Darien.

Robert Goetz