To the Editor:

Darien functions best with a First Selectman who is transparent, communicative, and has a passion for making Darien a better place for everyone.  Rob Richards has demonstrated these skills as a Selectman and will make an excellent First Selectman.

Rob’s thirty-year career in communications has prepared him to be a strong advocate for Darien.  One who is not afraid to tackle seemingly intractable problems.  For example, for many years, employing paramedics was see as the third-rail of Darien politics, but Rob leapt in and brokered a solution.

When speaking to Rob, it is clear that he wants to help Darien residents by listening to their concerns and acting to address them.  Rob’s passion and upbeat attitude are unmatched – the fresh perspective Darien needs in its leader.  Rob Richards and his running mates Marc Thorne and Pam Sparkman deserve our votes.

David Bayne

5 Windsor Road

The writer is the vice chairman of Darien’s Democratic Town Committee.