To the Editor:

I urge fellow residents to join me in voting for Rob Richards for First Selectman.  Rob has proven time and again during his tenure on the Board of Selectmen that he is uniquely qualified to lead Darien.  Whether it is blight ordinances or paramedics, Rob constantly works toward solutions based on understanding the needs of Darien residents.

He has over 30 years of experience as a communications expert, which has helped him shine as a Selectman.  As a working mother with two young children, I do not have time to waste and want a leader that brings people towards solutions, instead of taking a partisan stance.  This is particularly refreshing given the current state of partisanship at all levels of government.  

Moreover, the transparency that Rob has brought to the Board of Selectmen has been sorely missed.  With the landscape of Darien set to change drastically over the next few years, Darien needs a leader who will be a voice for all residents.  We need a leader who makes himself available to everyone for any issue.  We need a leader who will work to bridge gaps and look for common senses solutions to our town needs.  We need Rob Richards as First Selectman.

Jennifer Leahy