To the  Editor:

We are writing in support of Susan Marks for selectman. We have known Susan  for over 25 years. She has listened to our concerns and has always been

thoughtful, fair and forward-looking in her approach to solutions for the town.  Susan's leadership was instrumental when the town needed more space

for our students. She rolled up her sleeves, worked side by side with many people in town and helped get the building projects approved. As a selectman

and in her numerous volunteer roles, Susan has worked tirelessly for the town of Darien.

Our families have benefitted from the dedication and hard work of Susan Marks. We live in a wonderful town and our children received a first-class

education that has afforded them great opportunities in their education and their careers.  Please join us and vote for Susan on Nov. 7!

Kathy Saulitis

MaryKay Cobb

Tricia Conley

Julie Hekker

Elizabeth Hobbs