Letter: Republican supports Democrat Rob Richards for first selectman

To the Editor:

It’s time—Darien needs a new first selectman, and it’s clear Democrat Rob Richards is the man for the job. Several major housing/commercial developments will be underway soon, forever changing the landscape of Darien.

We need a first selectman who will be transparent, fair, and sensitive to resident’s concerns about these major projects. I have little confidence First Selectman Jayme Stevenson is capable of providing a steady hand during this time of change. From the disastrous ‘shuffle’ project to the paramedics debate, Stevenson has failed to provide transparency on major town issues, and did nothing to prevent these issues from turning into partisan political games. When a firm hired to do a study on our EMS system resigned citing a lack of cooperation, there was no further explanation. And the shuffle…we’re all still waiting to see the final cost of this disaster.

Compare this to Rob Richards time as a Selectman. He penned a clear, common-sense editorial why he was pro-paramedics. He took action in meeting with neighbors of the high school to get the stadium lights up. He’s got an immense ability to work well with others under contentious issues. Compared to Stevenson, who had two top town employees—Police Chief Duane Lovello and Town Administrator Karl Kilduff — running to work for their former boss, Evonne Klein, at CHFA. I do not trust the disaster artist behind the overbudget and deceptive ‘shuffle’ project to honestly and transparently inform the town on the impact of the new private developments.

For the sake of Darien’s future, please join this Republican in supporting Rob Richards.

Robert Goetz